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Why I am disappointed with my Generation

Posted by IT Pilgrim on July 11, 2008

Today, I am disappointed to be an American. Seems that Congress passed that FISA bill. I am curious, did anyone out there actually do anything to try to stop them? I am betting that 90-95% of us will have to admit to the negative. As a generation, we are known for social activism, and for being such social animals. Well guys, why is it that so few of us are willing to actually do ANYTHING to create real and lasting change.

Then you see stuff like this I will admit, it sounds a little alarmist, but that people would even give even the slightest thought to that being a good idea? Frankly I am not longer alarmed, just disappointed. People we have brought this on ourselves. In our unwillingness to do anything and willingness to give up so much for that tiniest veneer of security? We don’t deserve the freedom we have, or the freedom we are losing by fingerwidths.

I have always been a subscriber to the thought that if you want something, you better be willing to work for it, but it seems that no one is willing to do anything for themselves anymore. I actually heard an anti-gun activist say that no one should have guns except for police and military because they protect us and we should depend on them to protect us. Wow! How can anyone actually say that you shouldn’t have the right to defend yourself? Even in openly authoritarian states, the people are able to defend themselves in their own home.

I would like to see our generation amount to something, something more than constant complaints about how everything is too hard and the constant talk about how lazy and entitled we all are. I have read all our articles to the contrary, but I have also seen some of the people who cause those things to be written in the first place. So here’s what I want to know. How will you ever amount to anything if you never do anything?

People we need to do something to fix this. We are rapidly traveling down the path to becoming a police state, and that is very hard to turn back from. Every new infringement we accept is one more we will have to fight later. I heard once that its not enough to survive, we have to deserve it. I feel that same way about our personal freedom, we have to deserve it.

Now I would be the first to say that it would be much easier to just leave, and people are doing so. So much so that the US government has set out to make it more and more difficult and expensive to renounce your citizenship. Yet, people are leaving in droves, escaping to beautiful foreign countries, becoming nomads again after thousands of years of being tied to the land, we’re starting to roam again. Its not just the rich that are leaving, its all classes and all walks of life, leaving to never return. That’s the clincher, you cant return because the tax and legal implications are not worth it. I’m not quite ready to give up yet, I like to think there’s still some hope for us Americans. Then again, you know what they say about rats on a sinking ship…


2 Responses to “Why I am disappointed with my Generation”

  1. Barbara Calder said

    What about dual nationals who leave the USA for the other country they are citizens of? If, like me, that country is part of the EU, and I desire to live in a country that offers more affordable health care and fiscal resposibility on the part of the government what are the implications? What do I do w/ my US IRA account? I am returning to Europe because I was denied affordable health insurance (under $1,800.00 per month)in the USA, when I was diagnosed w/ a genetic chronic disease.Helath care costs are going to bankrupt the American system, and they can’t change things because most politicians large sums from the pharma giants and the health insurance industry. The USA needs some other country to invade it and bring health care and workers rights(a livable minimum wage, maternity and paternity leave,sick days and vacation time). Oh, that’s right, the USA is one of the only countries in the world that invades another country to change it.

  2. IT Pilgrim said

    @Barbara, I would really recommend contacting a professional financial adviser, which I am not. It seems sad to not be able to get any health care, in supposedly the richest country in the world, but let’s face it, even if we invade a country for its health care, we’ll just “fix” it there too.

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