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Cold Feet?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on July 15, 2008

Sock Theif

Sock Theif

Are there any other ladies out there who have cold feet?

I am not talking about being scared, I mean you literally cannot sleep at night because your feet are so cold. I did a little research and this appears to be a legitimate issue, possible signs of a thyroid problem. Seems it all has to do with a woman’s musculature and the way the cardiovascular system functions.

What I know for sure is, I react to temperature like a reptile, and my spouse is a human heat box, which is totally not fair, though in all fairness, I never hear complaints about my ice cold feet and hands. I however, do have a consistently low thyroid level, which does actually explain it and give some credence to the idea. There are some solutions out there, but I haven’t found a really good one if you don’t like to sleep in socks. One idea I have seen is to take a cool food bath, which seems twisted but actually makes sense.

A little less scientific research, done by my own personal poll, shows that most women have problems with cold hands and feet during the winter, but that most of the women I know have cold feet at least some of the time. What is your solution to the problem? I have a solution that I use, but I don’t want to spill it just yet as I am thinking about trying to sell it. Maybe I can make my first million that way 😉 Hey, a girl’s gotta have dreams.


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