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Hypermiling Skills: Defend Your Lane

Posted by IT Pilgrim on July 31, 2008

Today’s hypermiling skill, defending against someone trying to pass you. It seems that most people would prefer to tailgate you than bothering to see if there is actually traffic in front of you. Sometime you just cant go any faster, but you don’t want the turkey behind you to jump in front and ruin your carefully planned out spacing. A view of open road encourages the other driver to pass you. A view of deadlocked traffic, not so much.

So, to encourage the driver behind you not to pass, simply move over a little in your lane to the inside of traffic. By riding the left line of your lane, assuming you are in the right lane, you block the driver’s view of the traffic ahead of you. By blocking their view, they cannot judge if passing you is of benefit to them or not, unless their vehicle is big enough to see over yours. This is usually enough to get the person to stay in place. It also implies aggression and tells the person you don’t intend to let them cut you off. This works if you are in the right or middle lanes. If you are in the left lane, then you move right, rather than left, or if you happen to be in almost any country other than the US, just reverse it.


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