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A Bit Distracted

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 6, 2008

Just a bit distracted this week, and last week (blushing with shame) as I am currently a bit obsessed with my latest piece of Sci-Fi writing. It occasionally takes me over and tends to be a little all consuming. Hopefully I will get it out of my head onto paper, well, keyboard anyway, and I will stop being distracted. Sorry to my two or three readers, I will not be linking to it as I use my real name for that and I am not ready to go there.


2 Responses to “A Bit Distracted”

  1. Francois said

    No problem Pilgrim. May the gobbly-googs and wombals conquer all.

  2. IT Pilgrim said

    @Francois – Thanks for the early morning smile. Gobbly-googs indeed.


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