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Down With Wet Hair

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 11, 2008

OK, today begins my quest to end wet hair after swimming laps. You see, my company likes to say that they support employee fitness, but really, that’s a line of crap. In order to go to the gym, I sneak out “for lunch” and try to sneak back in without anyone noticing how long I was gone. I more than make up the hours so I don’t feel any guilt. However, its kinda hard to be sneaky about it when your hair’s wet.

Since I destroyed my knees riding horses, and dislocated a shoulder, with the requisite tendon damage, I swim. Since I have semi-long hair, it DOES NOT fir under a standard swim cap. So I am going to figure it out. If anyone already has this one figured, please feel free to let me know, but I Googled it several times and asked around, and no one had a good answer.

For now, I have this cheapy one, which was the only thing I could find at the sporting goods store, I had to special order my googles (the kind for people who see as well as bats). I will order something else and get back, in case any inquiring minds want to know. Let the research begin …..

Photo by Pierce Presley via Flickr


3 Responses to “Down With Wet Hair”

  1. Francois said

    I find that this one works wonders. 🙂

  2. IT Pilgrim said

    @Francois, I laughed out loud when I followed your link. Yes, I bet that would work. Talk about making a statement though.

  3. Hey, great photo! Thanks for using it and attributing it, too.
    Oh, and I can totally sympathize about companies’ “supporting” employee fitness. Yeah, as long as they never notice it.

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