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The Day The Data Died

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 14, 2008

It was a hot and humid day outside, the sun was shining a blistering 103 degrees Fahrenheit. There was not a cloud in the bright blue sky. It had every appearance of shaping itself into a beautiful day. Inside, it was cool and dry, there was a slight breeze amid the hum of thousands of small fans and a super-powered air conditioner. The hum had a nice lulling effect on all who entered, the soft whir acting like a white noise filter, blocking out all sounds from outside. Suddenly, there was a shriek of pure horror as magnetic tape came spewing out of the strange mechanical device know as a tape library. Silence filled the datacenter as servers all over the room held their collective breath. What could cause such terror?

Momentarily overcome, the poor half-frozen technician had to take a breath before she could look again to confirm the happenings. Surely it had to have been a trick of the light, or the glasses that kept fogging up in the 60 degree air. Alas, to her disappointment, the little piece of hanging magnetic tape, the very lifeblood of cartridges everywhere, was still hanging out of the small slot. She paused, in a moment of silence to mourn the poor departed 30+ days of data and hit the power switch. No time for mourning she thought, you have to think of the surviving data.

The following photo was taken at the scene. Names and faces were blurred to protect the innocent. Warning, the following image could be disturbing to some audiences. Tape Library Technicians Beware!


2 Responses to “The Day The Data Died”

  1. Francois said

    LOL…. let me guess…. Hitachi?

  2. IT Pilgrim said

    @Francois, Wrong! Guess again. 😉

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