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Forget the Spaghetti And Get in Line

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 15, 2008

Are you testing out a new date? Forget the old plate of spaghetti thing, that’s so old school that its not a trick anymore, and hasn’t been in a long time. Instead, take them somewhere where they have to stand in line. Preferably, choose the longest line, or one where other people have opportunities to cut it. There is honestly, no better way to test out a person’s level of patience and manners than a nice long line.

Ladies, want to make sure your new Beau is not a hothead? Want a man who will be good with kids? Take him to a nice long line, for example, an amusement park. An amusement park has nice long lines, people cutting in and out, and usually a little hot sun to set everything to a nice boil. Nothing will show out a lack of patience better than that nice line in the hot sun, or a lack of manners like a line space holder.

Gentleman, want to know if your woman is independent or self-serving? The same applies here, a nice long amusement park ride line. Is she asking you to hold her place while she sits in the shade at every single ride? That’s probably a good clue right there.

Traffic also works as well. Nothing is more telling about a person than how they behave when they think they are anonymous. For some reason, people treat their cars as their own mini moving island, which no one can see into. I’m talking to you Mr. Nosepicker! How does your date behave? Cutting in and out of traffic? Or do they actually wait in line for their turn? That’s old world chivalry right there my friends, and as rare as can be. Someone who waits in line for their turn, and doesn’t even try to aggressively exclude everyone else?

My point is, you are who you are all the time. People put on one face in public, and one in private, and often another under stress. So if you really want to see who you might one day have to live with, just turn up the heat, they will eventually show you who they really are. Once they do, then you can decided, is this person really someone I want to spend a significant amount of time with?

Photo by Gerald Yuvallos via Flickr


4 Responses to “Forget the Spaghetti And Get in Line”

  1. Francois said

    Oh no Pilgrim, don’t go spoil my chances!

    I’m terrible with anything where there is waiting involved. Lines. Traffic. Doctors appointments. They drive me nuts!! Aaaaaaarrrgh!!

    As for eating a plate of spaghetti… I’ve been living a life of bachelorism and BBQs with beer drinking grunts for waaaaaay too long to even attempt that! 😉

    In defense for grunts like me:
    1. I am very good at avoiding waiting situations, so I rarely get irritated. Ha!
    2. I may be a grunt, but I can protect ladies by fighting off other grunts. Ha! x 2!
    3. I’m good with kids! Believe it or not! I even was a gymnastics coach for two years! My favorite punishment for the boys when they didn’t listen was “get down! 20 pushups!”. Ha! x 3!
    4. I can cook a steak that will melt your in your mouth, and leave your taste-buds screaming “more! more!”. I can also do this in a very “Naked Shef” like way! Ha! x 4!
    5. I can also be romantic, as long as there is not a lot of waiting involved. You know, things like walks on the beach, or through the forest. Ha! x 5!


  2. IT Pilgrim said

    @Francois, Very Funny.
    Almost got myself busted at work because I laughed too loud when I was reading this. Perhaps I could fly you over to fix one of my nieces with your push-up therapy. 🙂 Now I have all these weird mental images of you, fighting off grunts, as an army drill sergeant, and grilling. Weird.


  3. Rebecca said

    Oh, Lord. I would fail this test. I’m very impatient. I’m not sure patience is a test of who you are. But I agree that how you treat other people is. I always pay attention to how people treat the waitor or waitress. This is important to me.

    What’s the old plate of spaghetti thing?

  4. IT Pilgrim said

    @Rebecca, the trick, in theory, was to serve your hapless date a plate of spaghetti. If they cut it up, then they are impatient and lacking in manners. If they take a spoon, and twirl the fork to get a nice wrap of spaghetti on their fork, they have nice manners or are well trained by mom.

    Patience is definitely part of who you are, what sort of value you place on it, or lack thereof is a different story. Every personality trait you have makes up part of who you are. Not having it doesn’t make you a bad person, it just depends on what you are looking for.


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