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Will We Ever Mind Our Own Beeswax?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 20, 2008

Bees Together
I am sure that at least a few people out there remember being told to mind our own beeswax as a kid. Why is it that as adults we seem to forget the simple lesson we learned as children? Especially if we go into politics. That being said, I have to wonder, why do we, the US have to stick our nose into everyone else’s business? How did we become, or appoint ourselves the world peace keepers?

Reading about the Georgia conflict with Russia, and of course, our immediate sticking our nose in the middle, one has to wonder, does this smell like Reagan era Afghanistan to anyone? Are we now going to arm the Georgians who may latter come back and use those same weapons against us when they are tired of us? Or will we only succeed in pissing off the Russians, one of the few countries who can make the US a hole in the ground without batting an eyelash.

In general, I am not completely anti-Bush, nor for that matter am I for either of the other party puppets that are running for president now. Maybe someday, third party, or independent will become a viable choice, but I am not so sure we are there yet. For now, seems we are perpetually locked in schoolyard politics, and I wonder who is next to declare they are no longer our friend?

Photo by wolfpix via Flickr


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