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Yahoo Buzz and WordPress

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 21, 2008

Anyone out there got yahoo buzz to work off of Yahoo buzz is all of a sudden pen to the public, but I haven’t been able to find it actually on any sites. Has anyone else seen it? It seems like the wordpress editor is eating the code, and there does not seem to be any responses to the numerous tech support requests out there. What gives?

How about Digg for that matter, are these just too difficult to add and no one gets it, or perhaps, that is a limitation of the setup. I guess time will tell and we will all see what their responses are.


One Response to “Yahoo Buzz and WordPress”

  1. I was just wondering the same thing. I recently tried to add a “buzz up” button to my blog: However, the HTML code wasn’t accepted. The only way it might work is if you add a link to buzz up as doesn’t like HTML on their pages.



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