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Airport Security Too Much For You Too?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on September 4, 2008

You know, its a funny day, when you have the ability to fly somewhere, but you would rather drive 4 or 5 hours instead. What is it about airports and near and dear to me, airport security that make it not worth the hassle? Is it the getting felt up by the obligatory TSA employee? Is it the multiple people going through your things and your bags? Pawing at your stuff and EWWW! touching your underclothes?

Rubber gloves or no, that totally grosses me out. Or is it their lovely little scanners that they can throw you in instead, or the chance that they will make off with my laptop… I think all in all, its not worth the hassle. I would rather drive half the day by myself (which I hate, driving that is) than spend half my day in an airport, following the lines, being herded like the sheep we all come to resemble, and being bossed around by numerous people with varying levels of attitude.

What happened to the glory days of airline travel, when it was glorious and exciting. Heck, people dressed up to go take their flight, but then again, they smoked on board too. Hmm maybe not so glorious after all. Now, stewardesses are responsible for ridiculous things and have to put up with increasing amounts of crap from grumpy customers, and we hold them to impossible standards. But what can I say, two hours being herded through lines, showing my passport or id 15 times, being pawed at, and watching my undies get the same treatment? No thanks, maybe I’ll just walk.

Just a quick hat tip to my buddy Patrick Sovereign, we don’t always agree, but you always make me think.

Photo by WTL photos via Flickr


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