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Keeping down the Flies

Posted by IT Pilgrim on September 5, 2008

I know, seems kinda gross, but with horses in the backyard, and nothing but country all around, flies can be a real problem. Come to find out, flies are a big problem for apartment dwellers aw well, at least, in the South. So here’s a few ways to combat flies:

1. Feed through supplements for the animals, usually a substance that keeps the larvae from hatching.

2. Waste control, control all sources of organic waste, of course this depends on your neighbors to do the same.

3. Hang up fly strips, the sticky variety are good, but there is there are some that have fly bait as well.

4. The simplest, most frugal choice, and the weirdest. Hang a half filled plastic bag of water outside your door and any windows you open. It seems to confuse the flies and they just dont come in.

5. Fly traps. You can get these at any feed store, but if you are in an apartment, your neighbors will hate you. They smell, they’re supposed to smell bad to attract the flies.

And as we have had quite a bit of warm wet weather lately, I will be using most these tactics this weekend. Happy hunting!

Photo by by Reini68 via Flickr


One Response to “Keeping down the Flies”

  1. Francois said

    This wont exactly make much of a dent in your fly population, but it is quite fun.

    I keep a BB-gun around (the type that fire plastic pellets). Flies, bees and especially wasps make great targets. When you’ve got your eye in it usually takes about 4 or 5 tries to nail the sucker. 🙂

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