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Big Bad Hurricane

Posted by IT Pilgrim on September 16, 2008

Ha Ha, big bad hurricane, gonna get us again.  That is supposed to be a picture of hurricane Katrina, btw. Taken in Missippi by a friend.

I live in an inland city, but as usual, every store in town is sold out of bread, toilet paper, and bottled water. Business are setting up calling trees to “Check-in” on their employees. Its all kind of funny, this time and last time it happened. And what did we get from it? Nothing, not even a drop of rain which, too me, is hillarious. So again, we all freak out for absolutely no reason. If we lived on the coast, ok, that would be one thing, but in the middle of a land-locked area, high up in the hills? Really people. Oh well, answered my call, got to call someone else and wake them up now.


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