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Still Fighting With Total Immersion Swimming

Posted by IT Pilgrim on October 20, 2008

Gave up and got the other DVD, Total Immersion Freestyle, which made it easier. I was getting somewhere, then promptly got sent on the road and am fighting with trying to find an indoor pool in DC. If anyone know of one, preferably within walking distance of the metro, hopefully they’ll be so kind as to holler at me. They don’t have my chain of gym here, so anything goes. Hmm I think the company should pay. Can’t you just see that expense report discussion?

Sigh. Such is life I guess. At least the Presidential debates are over, so maybe people on the subway will stop talking to me about it, and I can stop trying to hide my oh-so-controversial views. Two things I have learned to never talk about, unless I KNOW how a person will react, Religion, and Politics, or at least, not if I have to work or live with person. Somehow, the old line of, “I am the same person I was 5 minutes ago,” never quite does it.

Photo by Pierce Presley via Flickr


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