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Posted by IT Pilgrim on November 18, 2008

Hi All, sorry I have been in hiding lately, my travel schedule is killing me. While I know that some people will contest that I should be happy to have any job, I am not so sure.  I never signed up for not seeing my own home but 12 hours every two weeks. Maybe I will quit, maybe not, I am not sure. In this field, jobs are a dime a dozen. It was a hard road to get here, but worth the journey just to be able to say that. Thanks to my article the other day about unemployment, I think I am public enemy #1 on the Brazen Careerist network right now, which is funny to me. That is the LAST article I thought they would crawl, but I forgot how much they love controversy. Ahhh Good fun.

<Rant>It is a constant source of amusement to me how riled up people get, and how they think they can judge someone based on a single expressed opinion. Take the gay right debacle going on in California right now, with everyone blaming each other. I’ve always found that’s very easy to point the finger, and very hard to accept responsibility for your own mistakes but that is part of what makes an adult. For example … should we all now decide to stop paying our mortgages so the government will “save” us? Of course not! Its just that we all seem to have forgotten the hard-work that our country was based on. That’s right up there with the “End Capitalism Now” movement. Funny stuff. Tried to snap a picture of the graffiti I saw it on, but the train was moving too fast. Never mind that capitalism got us where we are now, with our fancy clothes, cars, and cell phones. I would honestly like to dump all these people in a nice poor country where the government will not “take care” of them and they would be forced to work for a living. OK … <End Rant>

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2 Responses to “Pilgrim in Exile”

  1. Ryan Paugh said


    I for one think you wrote a great post about a sensitive subject. The backlash is inevitable because that’s just how some people roll. And it can get rather nasty … unfortunately.

    Kudos to you for standing up for what you believed was right. I saw a ton of great responses from people who agreed with what you said as well. So rest assured, you’re definitely not PE #1.

    Best of luck with your travels. Hang in there.

  2. Jemimah said

    You are getting the shaft if you only get to go home one day every 2 weeks. Industry standard is 4 days out, 3 days home. I find I burn out quick if I have to do more than that for very long.

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