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The New Doggy Super Coat

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 4, 2008

For years now, every time it gets a little chilly, my Boston Terrier just stands around and shivers. It drives me nuts that I can’t keep her warm. So, in a moment of desperation, i decided to make her the exct same thing my horse was wearing. So i drew up a turnout coat and made one up for her.

winter boston terrier

boston terrier in the snow

You absolutely cannot buy this out on the market. They make dog blankets, but they are very simple and have never done the trick for my little shiver monster.  They look like this:


So here is what a little determination, a lot of time, and willingness to experiment, and a very patient dog get you, the doggy super coat. I don’t even want to talk about how difficult that little gusset by her legs was to make that small. Now I know why they don’t sell these. The biggest upside is that it allows her to do agility in it, doesn’t hinder her jump at all. What do you guys think? Would you buy one? Or maybe I shouldn’t give up my day job.

Here is what I drew it up from,

horse blanket

The best bonus of all. Its more than twice the weight of what you can get commercially, and it did not cost me $50.


One Response to “The New Doggy Super Coat”

  1. hi have 2 boston terrier and they get cold to is there a pattern for the coat that you made for your dog need a pattern if you have one to give thanks Mrs H

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