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Please Help Me Beat Sleapiness

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 5, 2008

For years I have been battling my weight. I am convinced that the reason i struggle so much is that I drink too many sodas. I have tried to give them up, but under the pressure of constant jet lag, little sleep, and boring work, I just get too sleepy. I am hoping that someone out there has a million dollar idea they would be willing to part with. Please, anyone got this one figured out?

Here’s a typical view of my desk, anytime day or night.


PS. I HATE coffee. I hate even the smell so much that I will leave the room if someone else has an uncovered cup.


2 Responses to “Please Help Me Beat Sleapiness”

  1. Jemimah said

    Switch to ice tea. You can reduce the sugar until you like it unsweetened. Of course the caffeine is less effective without the glucose, but you’ll reduce your risk of diabetes. If you have a work environment where you can use headphones, I find that dance or techno music (without lyrics is best) is the best stimulant, especially paired with small amounts of caffeine.

  2. Jemimah said

    I had a couple more thoughts for you. How many hours are you putting in at work? If it’s a lot more than 40, no wonder you’re always sleepy and bored. For me, the number of hours I should work for optimum mental health is about 30. If I have to work more than that, the other hours are usually unproductive and exhausting. If I work less than that, I feel like I’m wasting my time. With travel jobs is is quite possible to find positions that don’t require excessive hours behind a desk.

    Also I bet that like me, you’re finding it difficult to maintain an exercise routine on the road. My current solution is a piece of software called Yourself! Fitness. It’s like a personal trainer with exercises you can do in a hotel room. It’s different every time so you don’t get bored with it as fast.

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