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Will American Autos Go Quietly Into The Night?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 12, 2008

Will American Autos Go Quietly Into The Night?

Somehow I doubt it. Does the Union really not see that they may have killed their own meal ticket? I am not sure its a bad thing, since now they will HAVE to restructure themselves. Painful, but most of life is.

They may go out into the night, but quietly, I doubt it.


Photo by baldheretic via Flickr Creative Commons


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Hiding in plain sight?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on November 4, 2008

So, I only have one thing on my mind today, where is Bush hiding? And how have they gotten this level of cooperation from the press? He must have crawled under a rock so as to not hurt McCain’s election hopes (he’s done enough of that himself). So I just wonder, where is that rock, and can I step on it?  Just something to make you go hmmm…..

At least today is election day, so finally, no more campaign ads. Time to run gleefully through the neighborhoods riping out all those political signs. Just remeber, don’t party discriminate, rip them all out!

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Straight Libertarian

Posted by IT Pilgrim on October 31, 2008

Looks like for the first time, the Libertarian party has made it into the straight ballot category. For the first time, they have a candidate in almost every single race. I was looking for my absentee ballot form and ran across the sample ballot for this year. There is now an option to vote straight party libertarian. Now, while I don’t like the laziness it allows, on the other hand, I do like the implication of equality.

Its sad that Bob Barr didn’t make it into any of the debates. I personally think the candidates were scared, which they should be, but that is still no excuse for the kind of two party debates we are stuck with. They like to make it seem like they are the only two parties in existence, which is far from the truth. The party also does not have the kind of advertising budget that say, the Obama camp has, but who does?

I like to think that its a sign that people are tired of the same ole big two and their messes. Small steps my friends.

Ballot edited to remove all signs of location, to help protect my anonymity.

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I don’t understand unemployment.

Posted by IT Pilgrim on October 30, 2008

I don’t understand unemployment.

Maybe I am dumb, or naive, but somehow, I don’t understand the concept of being un-employed. Perhaps my disbelief at least partially stems from never having had a problem with getting a job. Perhaps it stems from having a different sort of pride. I recently ran into an ex-coworker who got laid off from a so called gold collar job. One of those jobs that pays so much, you stay no matter how much you hate it, just because it is so hard to get paid that much anywhere else. I left that job just before he did, and this was almost a year and a half ago. He’s still on unemployment. What?! What the heck man? I asked him, and he said, he hasn’t been able to get the same kind of job. I just about went nuts on the guy. You can’t get any job, I asked. No, he said, I can’t get a job like that one. This is one of the things I see fairly often, and it drives me nuts. The reason it drives me nuts, is because I am willing to work myself practically to death, doing 2 or 3 jobs if I have too, and here this guy sits on his butt because he is too proud to work fast food or retail?

Do people not take pride in their work ethic anymore? People say the job market is so tough. Well, I’m sorry (not really sorry) but I beg to differ. It may be tough to compete for those fancy, cushy jobs, but there are others out there. Can’t get a job in your field? Well, there’s a now hiring sign at that fast food joint down the road. I just don’t get it. How can people have so little pride? Maybe the problem is really too much pride. I think I am starting to believe that we have done ourselves a disservice with the implementation of welfare and unemployment. People should have to work for what they get, or maybe, contributions should be voluntary. I am totally OK with not ever getting benefits.

Grant you, I will concede that there are situations and events beyond a person’s control. What I am talking about is the blatant laziness of our society. I am tired of paying for other people to be lazy. And that friend of mine … I am on the fence as to whether report him or not. ON the second thought, that will just trigger movement of bureaucracy, and cost me more money anyway. Sigh, I guess I’ll just settle for having given him a piece of my mind.

Photo by Amen-Ra via Flickr

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Disappointed, again

Posted by IT Pilgrim on October 18, 2008

OK, so one question, and one question only. How does this not make us socialists?

U.S. Forces Nine Major Banks To Accept Partial Nationalization

U.S. pulls the trigger

Anyone? BTW, that’s the Bank of China. Hmmm

Photo by Steve Webel via Flickr.

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