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Count Me in on The Liberta Financial Freedom Challenge

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 8, 2008

Francois, over at Liberta has thrown down the gauntlet, issuing his financial freedom challange.  Well, my friend, I heaby pick up your gauntlet, I accept.

Financial freedom is something we all like to think we are working towards, but are we really? I personally like to think that its about the journey, not the destination, and it has always been a stepping stone in the IT Pilgrimage. You have to be financially free in order to do what ever you want to do. I am tired of belonging to big corporations, tired of them owning me.

I personally am about 70% of the way there. Still have two mortgages (separate pieces of real estate), still have a little credit card debt, and still have car loans. I started the journey something like a year and a half ago and went from close to 15k in CC debt to now only $1500. Step two: dump the mortgages.

Hope eveyone else jumps on. If you can’t enjoy the ride, try to jump off for a brief party every now and then. It cuts down on the motion sickness 😉

Thanks Francois!

Photo by unforth via Flickr


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Scenes From the Road: Ocean City

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 7, 2008

Beautiful Ocean City. It was a weird side-trip. The entire town was a deserted ghost town, and it was a challange to find anything open. The upside, cheap hotel rooms and the hotels were so desperate they were willing to bargain. Good times.

Views from the balcony.

Ocean City

Ocean City 2

and from the beach


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Please Help Me Beat Sleapiness

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 5, 2008

For years I have been battling my weight. I am convinced that the reason i struggle so much is that I drink too many sodas. I have tried to give them up, but under the pressure of constant jet lag, little sleep, and boring work, I just get too sleepy. I am hoping that someone out there has a million dollar idea they would be willing to part with. Please, anyone got this one figured out?

Here’s a typical view of my desk, anytime day or night.


PS. I HATE coffee. I hate even the smell so much that I will leave the room if someone else has an uncovered cup.

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The New Doggy Super Coat

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 4, 2008

For years now, every time it gets a little chilly, my Boston Terrier just stands around and shivers. It drives me nuts that I can’t keep her warm. So, in a moment of desperation, i decided to make her the exct same thing my horse was wearing. So i drew up a turnout coat and made one up for her.

winter boston terrier

boston terrier in the snow

You absolutely cannot buy this out on the market. They make dog blankets, but they are very simple and have never done the trick for my little shiver monster.  They look like this:


So here is what a little determination, a lot of time, and willingness to experiment, and a very patient dog get you, the doggy super coat. I don’t even want to talk about how difficult that little gusset by her legs was to make that small. Now I know why they don’t sell these. The biggest upside is that it allows her to do agility in it, doesn’t hinder her jump at all. What do you guys think? Would you buy one? Or maybe I shouldn’t give up my day job.

Here is what I drew it up from,

horse blanket

The best bonus of all. Its more than twice the weight of what you can get commercially, and it did not cost me $50.

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Horseback Riding Coats for Voluptuous Women: Updated

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 3, 2008

Horseback Riding Coats for Voluptuous Women

I am so sick of having to hunt and search for specialty things, like horseback riding clothes. I am most definitely not one of those lithe little twigs they use to design clothes for. And here’s a big shocker, I am not alone. I can’t even begin to tell you how many women I have seen riding around with those button gaps in their blouse, coat, or jacket. Its sad.

Well, here you go ladies, my hard research I make available to you. With cold weather having arrived, I spent countless hours researching what jackets are a little more realistically sized, let’s just say in the front.

In this episode: Riding Jackets that come in a realistic XL or a XXL. Next time, tall boots. Also, check out Fuller Fillies and 1824 Plus Sizes, a few new companies making horseback riding clothes for larger women. Other companies making larger jackets: Ariat, Mountain Horse, Horseware Ireland, and Dublin. So here’s my free secret, hard won through years of experience. If it comes in unisex, its more likely to come in a bigger than twig size. Here are the ones I have specifically found that come in the larger sizes.

Horseware Blackwater Combo

Mountain Horse Cirrus Rider

Dublin Empress

Fuller Fillies 4-in-1

I have a few more, and I have also researched which online retailers carry the larger sizes and which ones do not. In general, UK retailers do, US retailers do not. If anyone is interested, just let me know and I will help you.  Just drop me an e-mail or leave a comment.

Happy Trails

**Update **

Tried on another one, you know for fun and happiness.

This time, the Julia Down by Horseware Ireland, because it was on sale. The verdict: The sleeves are actually nice and long and fairly roomy. However, the chest is pretty small. If you measure 40 or greater, hold out for the XXL.

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