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Who do you believe?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on June 20, 2008

How do you decide who is believable anymore? With news organizations writing sensational stories, and the contradicting them a week later, or sometimes even the same day, how do you decide what you are going to believe? I ran across this news story, indicating that Physicians for Human Rights has evidence that Abu Ghraib prisoners, who were never even formally charged, were tortured.

But how do we really know its true? I’m sure in days to come, we will see disputing stories, and tv news conferences, and scandal abounds, all until someone manages to bury it, probably 6 feet under. You can try reading multiple news sites, listening to public access news, but really, in the end, who do you believe? Do you even believe them when they all agree?

I just know that I never want to have to find out how we really treat prisoners of war, not first-hand anyway. Why does this seem to keep coming up if there is no guilt? Why hasn’t the administration denounced it? I have to wonder where all of this will go, will charges ever be filed against anyone? Somehow I doubt, and if they are, they will be against some little low level flunky rather than the people who should be taking responsibility for the actions of those below them.

So again, who do you believe? I for one, don’t believe anyone without reservation, you just cant anymore. I would want to see first hand research and evidence, but who has time for that. Who do you believe?


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