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I love you NBC, for this week anyway

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 12, 2008

No longer the evil empire, NBC, you are my new best friend. My attention will be totally taken up with watching the Olympic Equestrian Sports for the next week and a half at least. As a life-long hopeful, I just can’t resist it. Of course, this also means I will be somewhat depressed about it, for not pushing myself hard enough, and not being nearly in the shape I need to be to compete.

It boils down to three things stopping me, at least at this point; physical fitness which is my own fault, money to compete, and the right horse which is totally tied to the money. I know that I need to figure out how to raise the funds somehow, perhaps a sponsorship? Then I need to change to a job that will give me the time to ride, perhaps working for Home Depot? Dare I dream of London?

Anyway, for any other little girls out there, no matter how physically big, for the next two weeks there will be horses on tv. For any interested takers, if you go here, you can find the complete schedule. For any fellow searches out there, it took me about 6 hours to find (sad I know) but I found the dressage test the 3-day Eventers are using here. Dressage appears to not be posted yet, I would assume because they have not started yet at the time of this writing. I will update it when it appears.

There will be team and individual competitions of 3-Day eventing, Jumping and Dressage. I thought there was going to be Reining as well this year, but if there is, its not publicized or obvious. Perhaps it will make its appearance. As a swimmer, I also cannot resist the swimming. What sports is everyone else watching?

Photo by Katford via Flickr


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