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The Price Game

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 28, 2008

Last week, I had a bit of a hunch, a certain sub sandwhich shop seems to have changed their sandwhiches for the smaller, or at least, the thinner, and eliminated their small size from the menu. When I got home and added it all up, hmmm, I had paid more than usual for the exact same thing.  I know, I should have noticed when I was paying, but sometimes that old autopilot kicks in. For some strange reason, I saved the receipt. Then, this week, I go back again, and what do you know, they’ve “lowered” their prices. I paid slightly more than I would have before, but less that I did last week.

So this made me think, where else have prices been inflated so that they can then put things “on sale.” I also noted the same at a major grocery/department store. So I wonder, has anyone else seen the same? Is it just my city, or is this nationwide? Does anyone else have proof in their hot little hand?I would be interested to see how many other people have noted the same thing. Anyone?

Photo by the justified sinner via Flickr


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