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Beware Prowlers Are Out There

Posted by IT Pilgrim on August 13, 2008

Driving to work, every day, and I mean every single day, I watch the same people being idiots at this one exit ramp. It is a fairly standard right exit with an off-ramp to another freeway. The problem is, it backs up quite far, and people can’t stand to wait in line. So what they do instead, is fly past everyone else in the left lane, then at the last possible second, they cut in front of someone else who was waiting.

Then there’s the other idiots, and I have chosen to call them Prowlers as they are prowling for an opportunity to be a jerk. They cruise along in the second to right-most lane and slowly prowl along, waiting for the slightest opportunity to cut some one off. These are the real accident causing geniuses along with their left lane counterparts, have their attention totally turned off to the right, they often don’t notice if someone else in front of them had to stop.

So next time you see them, remember, they’re not just self-important, self-absorbed jerks. They’re Prowlers!

Photo by mujitra via Flickr


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