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What Video Game Archetype Are You?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on June 9, 2008

Anyone who has worked in IT for any length of time has at some point gotten into this discussion, or at least touched on it. It is not totally uncommon to introduce yourself, give your name, your game of choice, and your favored character type. Its almost like a nerdy version of “What’s your poison?” So, of course, you answer with your poison of choice, be it Everquest, WOW, LOTRO, Unreal, Ultima, etc. The list could go one forever. For the uninitiated, I am talking about MMOs, massively multiplayer online games. Or perhaps, more specifically, I am talking about massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

This type of game is wildly popular in circles of IT workers. Its not uncommon to be shunned for playing a different game than the rest of your immediate workgroup. There are rumors that some IT Call Centers seat their workers based on their “affiliation” to prevent arguments and lower stress. Having been the odd person out several times, I can attest to the awkwardness of it. Now, I know, this seems like such a small thing, but let me explain. These games have become, to some, more important that religious, political affiliation, or even sex at this point. In short, people no longer care who or what you are, as long as you play their game. These games are the only allowable topic of discussion in some environments. These guys live, eat and breath their MMO.

These MMO games have begun to take on lives of their own. They have their own economics, law enforcement, weather, societies and even wars. Some of the games have even suffered plagues of a fashion. There are even psychological tests now to tell what kind of gamer you are. There are groups within the game, referred to as a Guild, sparking new games designed around them, such as Guild Wars. The groups are usually connected by some common interest in particular, whether focusing on major killing sprees, or “Raids” or crafting, or just people that have run into each other repeatedly and become friends. Some groups are formed by people who are real life friends, or co-workers is pretty common as well.

If you have played a few of these games, and let me tell you, its best not to admit that to the real die hard gamers, than you begin to see that there are some major similarities. These similarities are carry-overs from previous renditions of RPG, or Role Playing Games. So here is where my question comes in. What Archetype are you? Good or Evil?

I have often joked that I can tell what a person is by meeting them in “real life.” So here’s a quick run-down, at least as I see it.

The Hunter – Are you willing to wait in the bushes and shoot from afar. Often designed as a Elven character, or some other lightly built creatures. Can usually be good or evil.

The Paladin – Part Healer, Part Priest, Part Warrior, these are a definite game standard. While you can usually play these with almost any race of character, by definition they are Good characters. These are your real weapons in the good vs. evil struggle. My personal favorite, and I have often found to be a favorite of Cops, Security Guards and other Seekers of Causes.

The Dark Paladin – Trust me, this is a separate class. Though similar to the Paladin, this character is as inherently Evil and the Paladin is inherantly Good. Closely related to the warrior but with the ability to augment the skills and powers of their group.

The Warrior – Often referred to as a Tank, these are your hack and bashers, your bouncers if you will. Do you just want to cut down anything in your path, run over the other cars on the freeway, or take names and let them bodies sort themselves out later? Then the warrior may be for you. Can be Good or Evil.

The Magic User – Often, the Magic User is separated out a bit more, the Wizard, the Sorcerer, the Druid, and there are may hybrids thereof. For the sake of simplicity, I am just going with Magic User. Do you want a rocket launcher in traffic, rather than a baseball bat? If so, a Magic User may be your cup of tea. Good or Evil.

The Priest – Also a Magic User, the priest is usually a holy warrior, sometimes with good weapons use, sometimes not depending on your game. They use the power of their gods to vanquish the enemy. Good or Evil.

The Rogue – Whether a thief, and assassin, or sometimes merged a bit with the hunter, the rogue is your lock-picker, trap disarmer, and general sneak. These guys are your jack of all trades, and not usually too powerful in weapons or magic.

The Musician– Sometimes called a Bard, Minstrel or something similar. These are termed as “Crowd-control” and are used to augment the skills of others in their group, or weaken the enemy.

While this is probably no where near a complete list, its meant to be kind of general, non-game specific if you will. So, if at some point in the future, someone introduces themselves, for example, “Hi, my name is Pilgrim. I am a High Elf Paladin,” you know what the heck they are talking about.

Fellow survivors of IT, what is your Archetype?


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