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Still in Hiding

Posted by IT Pilgrim on July 8, 2009

Hi All. Still sick as a dog, still in hiding. Maybe able to write again soon, we’ll see.  Not feeling too creative, so anyone feel free to throw out topics.

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Coming Back Soon

Posted by IT Pilgrim on February 23, 2009

All, Pilgrim will be back soon, though minus 60 lbs. The medical issues have been mostly resolved, we’ll see if it stays that way.

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Pilgrim Dissappearing Act

Posted by IT Pilgrim on January 6, 2009

I know, I disappeared for a while. Got frustrated with writing for a while, brain fried by the flu and some other stuff.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon.


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Will American Autos Go Quietly Into The Night?

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 12, 2008

Will American Autos Go Quietly Into The Night?

Somehow I doubt it. Does the Union really not see that they may have killed their own meal ticket? I am not sure its a bad thing, since now they will HAVE to restructure themselves. Painful, but most of life is.

They may go out into the night, but quietly, I doubt it.


Photo by baldheretic via Flickr Creative Commons

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

Posted by IT Pilgrim on December 10, 2008

Decisions … decisions ….When is it all too much? When does sticking it out become nothing more than wasting your life away?

As a serial job hopper, I generally go somewhere, work my hardest until I get bored an leave. Before I leave, I generally manage to shake things up, make a sizable dent in workloads and force the other workers to match my own crazy techno music pace, or die trying. There have been casualties along the way I am sad to say, but I am amused to say that a lot of places are required to use two or sometimes three people fill my shoes. I know how big my shoes can be to fill (and maybe my hat as well) but I always have left my mark.

Well, not here. When I got re-assigned away from Big Black Box Computer Company, well, it all went downhill in a massive mudslide.

So when is it all too much. This year I went from the 25% travel I signed up for, to 100% travel in one fell swoop. So my thought is, when is “sticking it out” actually worthwhile. I know the standard reasons, to establish stability, to make significant contributions, to work your way up the food chain. I don’t see that as a possibility here, though I have to concede that I may just be tired and feeling whiny.  At this point, I don’t even meet my own criteria for staying, as follows:

Am I happy?

Do I feel challenged?

Am I at least friendly with my co-workers?

Do I have a good boss who will help me grow?

Do I have room to grow within my role and the company?

Do I have interesting and creative work?

How easy/hard is it to get up to go to work versus to get up to go to the gym or anyplace else?

Am I living each day in a worthwhile pursuit?

Can I see the results of my work?

Am I making enough money to pay for necessities?

So, you take this list, and weigh they number of questions you answered yes to and the number of questions you answered no to. Add those up. That is the most logical way I know. However, that being said, I also know that I am not really a logical person, and those who say it is just that I am a woman, can stow it. You have to understand who you are, so if logic is enough for you, great, if not, you then have to weigh out how important each one is to you. I usually give them a percentage and add them all up on an excel spreadsheet.  I may not be logic driven, but i’m still a nerd at heart.

If you get some extra time, try it out. Does your current job measure up?

Photos by billaday and  by wsdot via Flickr Creative Commons.  

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